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METHUEN, MA - According to annual reports submitted to the DPU, for income generated by involuntary tows, in 2013 Valley Towing did 2,295 tows, with an income of $347,070.00, and in 2015 they did 2,281 tows, with an income of $642,750.00, over an 85% increase in income all while doing almost the same exact number of tows.

In 2016 we saw another 18.5% increase in revenue while the number of tows only increased 8.5% finishing the year with 2,476 tows and a revenue of $762,419.00Over the four years 2013 - 2016, revenue increased 119.75% while tow volume increased only 7.9%.

And this is before the rate increase in 2017.


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Valley Towing - DPU - Conset Order


Here are ALL RECORDS available from the Mass DPU from our FOIA request Oct 24, 2018.These records include Letters mailed to consumers and Valley by DPU, email communications between Valley and DPU, Valley's Attorney and DPU, and inter DPU emails.These PDF's also contain Tow Slips and all documents related to the Audit of Valley by Mass DPU.

DPU Procedure for Violations

DPU Bulletins

2012 Bulletin regarding charges not regulated by DPU

2017 Bulleting regarding DPU Tow Audit Program

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